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Despite Leaving Key Questions Unanswered, New Contraceptive Coverage Exemptions Will Do Clear Harm

On October 6, the Trump administration released an overhaul of federal regulations governing religious objections to the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) contraceptive coverage guarantee. With exemptions to the the contraceptive guarantee expanded, there are lots of questions and concerns that will...

October 17, 2017 | Following the ACA, Public Health

Salvaging MACRA Implementation Through Medicare Advantage

Unless there are substantive changes to how the law is implemented, MACRA is unlikely to realize the goal of establishing a Medicare payment system that rewards the value and not the volume of health care services.

October 17, 2017 | Medicare, Payment Policy

A Framework For Understanding 'Savings' From Accountable Care Organizations

The complexity of the ACO payment structure means there are a few ways one could measure savings. The semantic questions here are challenging and variation in how terms are used can lead to confusion. We attempt to clarify the meanings of “savings” and draw out the implications for the program.

A New Plan To Rescue The ACA: Medicare-At-55

With the Trump Administration's recent executive order on health care, the need for proposals to help stabilize the insurance market has grown. One proposal is Medicare-at-55, which would extend Medicare to the 55-64 age group, and could be a potential fix to insure the near-elderly and provide...

ACA Repeal Votes Defy Preferences Of Constituents

One puzzling aspect of this and previous repeal efforts is that they nearly succeeded in spite of widespread public support for the core elements of the ACA that would have been overturned.

October 16, 2017 | Following the ACA

A Fateful Thursday For The ACA: Likely Effects And Legal Reactions

The effects of President Trump’s October 12 actions regarding the Affordable Care Act will hinge largely on state responses to the cessation of cost-sharing reduction payments and the outcome of legal challenges, notably from attorneys general in eighteen states and the District of Columbia.

Who Cares For The Caregivers? We All Do

While policy-driven programs to support the mental health of caregivers are important and should be pursued, there are interventions we can implement immediately, without waiting for legislators to act.

October 13, 2017 | End of Life & Serious Illness

Administration's Ending Of Cost-Sharing Reduction Payments Likely To Roil Individual Markets

Ending cost-sharing reduction payments to insurers is another sign that President Trump is doing what he can to undermine the stability of the individual market under the ACA. This action will have a much more immediate impact than the measures Trump announced in yesterday’s executive order.

Trump Executive Order Expands Opportunities For Healthier People To Exit ACA

On October 12, President Trump issued an executive order concerning health care coverage. If carried out, the order’s provisions would likely siphon healthy people from the ACA-compliant market, continuing a pattern of regulatory actions under the Trump administration that have undermined the ACA.

Taking A Long View: A Foundation’s Rapid-Response, Data-Driven Strategy To Inform Recovery From Hurricane Harvey In Texas

After Hurricane Harvey, a foundation in Texas thoughtfully focused on the critical data gap in the affected region. Using information from FEMA and the CDC, this foundation created a user-friendly, interactive map of storm-affected areas so that others have accurate information when funding...